What is a Move Coordinator?

If you’ve started planning a local move, you may have come across the term “move coordinator” in your research. But not know just what they can do for you. When you work with an expert local moving company such as Jacksonville Elite Movers. Your coordinator is a vital part of making sure your move goes well.

The move coordinator does a lot, but the most important purpose of this key player in your move. Is to ensure that you have a smooth, stress-free experience. Basically, this person is trained to ask all the right questions. And put in the work required to ensure a smooth transition into your new home. Read on for details about this professional service.

Pre-move Instant Quote By A Move Coordinator

When you’re getting to know Jacksonville Elite Movers and considering having our team. Handle your local move, you’ll start out with the instant quote process. It is a quick, easy and simple process that will give you a good budget for your move. As a follow up, a representative or move coordinator may reach out to you to answer any questions. They or you may have about the process, and items you’ll be moving.

Pre-move Survey By A Move Coordinator

The next step in your move is a pre-move survey. This survey will be conducted virtually, where you take photos and videos of your home, identifying items you’ll be moving. A move coordinator will review what you submit. And make sure you have every service you need, and get an accurate final quote. The purpose of this step is to determine the logistics of your move. Some of the details obtained during the survey will include:

  • Items that need to be packed.
  • Number of boxes or other containers needed.
  • Items needing special handling and care such as pianos, artwork, and other high-value or fragile items.
  • Location issues such as parking restrictions.

After the survey, your move coordinator may contact you to go over these details and discuss specifics. Such as special service options, valuation requirements, the time required for the move, and the availability of your desired dates. Often, this conversation will address items you’re particularly concerned about. Hearing your professional move coordinator’s plans for moving these items. Will help put you at ease so that you can focus on other things.

move coordinator for Jacksonville elite movers

Moving Out of Your Current Residence

In the days leading up to your home move, your move coordinator. Will be available to work out any move-out details. There are often last minute needs that pop up. Whether it be storagepacking or specialty moving. And you will be able to reach out to them with any questions. Your personal move portal will allow them (or you) to make and confirm any service updates.

Delivery of Your Belongings to Your New Home

As your local moving crew sets everything up in your new home, your move coordinator will be available. To you as a resource if you have any questions, concerns or feedback. If any issue or question arises, you won’t spend your moving day. Waiting on hold, or being passed around to different reps — your move coordinator. Is your single point of contact and will be in close contact.

If you are preparing for a local move, please give us a call now or fill out our form. And one of our moving coordinators will help get you started on the journey to your new home.

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