Destiny Harris

Move Coordinator
Brief info

Destiny Harris is a Move Coordinator for Jacksonville Elite Movers. She has 4 years experience preparing customers for there upcoming move.

Destiny Harris is the head move coordinator for the moving company Jacksonville Elite Movers. The elite movers of Jacksonville Florida is a child company to Roovet Corporation, and have been open since 2013. Miss Harris move coordinator jobs entails many different aspects of her customers move. This can be from as simple as explaining the difference between a binding vs non binding moving estimate to helping hands moving.

Destiny patch notes includes what we call rule 34 destiny, which states that the customers needs come first. This means the customer may not have a budget for a cross-country move at times. So Miss Harris will arrange the customer with some options that best suites there needs. Things like the price of pod storage unit cost, to store there items until they can arrange for a full move. To renting a moving truck and we preforming moving help only loading it for them.

Destiny Harris and her customers are like two peas in a pod by the end of there moving service. Miss Harris advice to all moving customers, weather your moving with Jacksonville Elite Movers or another company. Is to tell your move coordinator everything about your move. From packing your items to transferring your internet or phone company. Its important that you do not plan anything around your move date. You can call and talk to Destiny Harris and book your next move by calling 904-999-0130