The home moving process is an expensive affair so you should use every chance. You get to lower your packing costs and and moving expenses.
Getting moving boxes for free is an excellent way to reduce your overall packing. Costs because cardboard boxes often prove to be the biggest expense when packing for a move.
There are many good places to find free moving boxes. From friends who have recently moved house to local retail stores and recycling centers.
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Where to find free moving boxes
Best places to get free moving boxes
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How many free moving boxes to get
Where to buy cheap moving boxes
Oftentimes, moving house is a stress-filled hassle where the successful end of the relocation journey. Depends on possessing a sizeable moving budget, making the right decisions, and maybe even having a bit of luck too.

About Your Move

So, logic dictates that if you can afford to pay for full-service movers and you actually choose. To hire their moving services, then even the notorious randomness of luck. Will tend to favor you and your upcoming residential move.

Selecting a reputable full-service moving company will mean that you’re. Also getting professional packers who will pack up your household items quickly and safely.

The pros are also bringing all the packing materials (especially cardboard boxes!). They will ever need so you won’t have to worry about. Where to get free moving boxes to lower that final bill. This is the best case relocation scenario for you, of course.

Do some packing

However, if self-packing is what lies ahead of you as a proven way to cut moving costs, then hopefully you’ll be willing to go a step further and save even more money by looking for free moving boxes.

That’s right – obtaining packing boxes in good condition without paying for them is something you should definitely consider doing to help out your moving budget.

Where are the best places to get free moving boxes?

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These top places to find free moving boxes near you offer slightly different cardboard boxes in size, sturdiness, and cleanliness. So, read on to find out the right source of free packing boxes near you.

Where to get free moving boxes
Now, let’s take a closer look at the best places to get free cardboard boxes for moving.

The hunt for free moving boxes is on!
Your friends

Well, your friends do not constitute a place – rather, they can be an excellent source of used moving boxes which, in most cases, will be yours for the asking.

While it’s true that you will definitely know when a close friend or a family member has moved house (you’ll probably be asked to give them a hand anyway), some of your not-so-close friends or acquaintances may have recently relocated to another address and as a result, they may have scores of no longer needed boxes of corrugated cardboard.

Find Things From Family

Don’t forget to ask your pals if they know anyone who’s just moved house. Most of the cases, those recently moved persons will be happy to get rid of the boxes they don’t need, for those containers can take up plenty of storage space in their new homes.

Also, it’s surely worth attempting to make social networks work for you. How? A short Facebook or Twitter post like, “I need free moving boxes. HELP!” can end up being unexpectedly beneficial for your wallet.

Online: specialized websites
The Internet may not be your very first guess when it comes to places that offer used moving boxes for free. However, you should unquestionably check out these two online sources of free boxes before exploring the rest of your options.

Craigslist is the number one website to search for free moving boxes online. In reality, the great thing about Craigslist is that you get to search for free cardboard boxes near you so you won’t need to waste time and pay higher transportation costs to get to the pickup location.

Plenty of people offer on Craigslist all types of packing materials after they have moved, so your chances of getting the best deal possible (free of charge!) are really good.

Freecycle is another well-known website with more than 5,000 groups in the entire world. The concept behind the Freecycle Network is to keep still usable and practical items out of garbage dumps.

Find Things Online

Amazingly, the non-profit network has more than 9 million registered users worldwide! Freecycle membership is free of charge and all items are posted for free, but the best part is that anything posted on the website costs exactly ZERO dollars.

All in all, Freecycle is a modern way to get free moving boxes near you, or anything else you might need. Do a simple search and see for yourself.

Local retail stores

Yes, many retail stores have more used cardboard boxes than they could ever need. Get the hint?
Below you will see a complete list of places to find free moving boxes for your next move. But before that, there are just a few essential things you should be aware of before you undertake that brave hunt for free moving boxes within your neighborhood, or even around entire city.

Big retail stores deal with cardboard boxes on a daily basis as they get the scheduled shipments of goods delivered to their businesses. The bigger the store, the bigger the quantity of cardboard containers they will have.

Some Business

Such businesses are required by law to dispose of all those boxes of corrugated cardboard in an environmentally friendly way. In other words, they have to break down the containers and throw them for recycling at designated places. So, anyone who will save them time and efforts by taking the cadboard boxes they no longer need is usually welcome.

Mark down a few big stores in your vicinity and speak with their managers about the possibility of collecting free moving boxes at a time that is convenient for them.

Ultimately, you’ve got nothing to lose as the worst that can happen is to get a polite refusal or two. What do you do then? You wish them a nice day and move on to the next local business. Simple as that.

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