The Best Room By Room Packing Checklist for Your Move

When moving house, you will want to take your cherished belongings with you, so you can easily recreate the comfort, coziness, and warmth of your old home in your new place.

To be able to bring your household items and personal belongings to your new home, however, you need to pack them for moving first – and to pack them safely and efficiently enough that they survive the relocation intact and you don’t go broke from the moving costs (the more items you relocate, the more expensive your move will be, of course).

However laborious, time-consuming, and risky packing may be though, you can easily achieve the above feat with the help of our room-by-room packing guide – read on to find out exactly what items to pack in each room (so that you don’t take along anything unnecessary but don’t leave behind anything essential either) and how to pack those items in a safe, quick, and efficient manner.  Our comprehensive packing room by room checklist is also available in a PDF format for greater convenience.

General Room By Room Packing Tips

First things first – to ensure the success of your packing endeavor, you need to follow some proven rules that will help you avoid rookie packing mistakes and make the most of your room-by-room packing strategy:

1) Start packing as soon as possible. Dreadful as the task may seem, it will only get more and more stressful as the Big day draws closer – you will be pressed for time and won’t be able to properly organize your belongings and provide them with good enough protection to ensure their safety during transit, not mention how exhausting it will be to pack your entire household in the course of several days. So, start early (so that you can pack at your own pace and have enough time to prepare your items with utmost care) and make sure you pack a couple of boxes every single day (so that everything is ready come Moving day);

2) Pare down your possessions. Sort out your belongings and make sure you take only items with high practical, aesthetic, or sentimental value to your new home. Do not waste time and money on things that you won’t be able to use in your new surroundings or items you don’t really like or need – get rid of them before the move;

3) Make a moving inventory, so that you can keep better track of your items and have proof of their condition before the move;

4) Make sure you don’t pack any non-allowables. Request a list of the items your chosen movers won’t load on the moving truck for safety reasons and don’t waste your time and energy packing them for moving;

Best Things To Remember When Packing

5) Create a packing calendar, so that you can better organize the time you have left until Moving day – make sure you know what to pack when for moving and define reasonable deadlines for the completion of every packing task;

6) Designate a room that will serve as your “packing station” and store all the packed boxes in it, so that they don’t clutter your living space;

7) Get hold of adequate packing supplies that will help you ensure the safety of your items during the relocation process;

8) Find out the safest techniques for packing different types of items and observe them strictly when preparing your belongings for shipment. The more careful you’re when packing your items, the greater the chance of them arriving safe and intact in your new home;

9) Pack an essentials box that contains everything you might need during the last couple of days in your old home, the trip to your new area, and the first several days in your new residence.

10) When packing a room, make sure you take:

  • all the furnishings and equipment that make it comfortable and practical;
  • all the decorations and artworks that make it stylish and aesthetically pleasing;
  • all the family heirlooms and keepsakes that make you feel like you belong there;
  • all the knick-knacks that make the room cozy and enjoyable.
  • These things (big and small alike) will help you create an ambiance you love and turn your new place into your “sweet home”.

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