Jacksonville Elite Movers®’s Value Flex®

The JACKSONVILLE ELITE MOVERS® brand continuously strives to provide the best moving options for our customers. This means taking a look at our services to ensure we can handle any moving needs a customer throws our way.

More than two years ago, we launched our Value Flex® long-distance moving service – a new spin on long-distance moving that provides a more affordable option for those with a flexible schedule. Since launching in the spring of 2017, we have greatly improved this service and worked to tweak it, making it a worthwhile option for those looking to relocate long-distance while on a budget.

“The program has been running very well,” said Tony James Nelson II, logistics operations manager for JACKSONVILLE ELITE MOVERS. “We’ve been able to continuously increase the number of long-distance moving options we can provide to our customers, and our franchises are working together to help meet customer needs and provide them with JACKSONVILLE ELITE MOVERS locations nearby to make Value Flex a reliable option.”

With a dedicated team in place at JACKSONVILLE ELITE MOVERS to handle all things Value Flex, we’ve developed routes all across the country which allows us to handle moves to and from virtually any location in the country.

“Our biggest goal with Value Flex is just getting more JACKSONVILLE ELITE MOVERS locations on board with the service so our customers have additional options for long-distance moving, and for storage,” Wells said. “We always want to remain competitive as a brand, and pushing this service further allows us to stay competitive for customers.”

When choosing Value Flex for your long-distance moving needs, you are getting the same high quality moving standards we’re known for with local home moving.

Your items are loaded into one of our safe and secure 16-foot portable boxes and picked up by a JACKSONVILLE ELITE MOVERS moving team closest to you. They are then driven to your new destination, where a JACKSONVILLE ELITE MOVERS moving team in your new city will help with the unloading. You will never share space with other customer belongings, and we’re able to provide a two-day guaranteed delivery window for your belongings. .

“It’s definitely more reasonable pricing than competitors or other companies I’ve seen that do long-distance moving,” said Tony Nelson Sr., a trainer and dispatcher at the JACKSONVILLE ELITE MOVERS Jacksonville, Florida location. “What’s cool about Value Flex is that customers are given the two-day window. Most other companies that do long-distance moves, you’re given a big window, so it could be a week or so before you see your belongings. We communicate with customers throughout the entire process, and that communication is something customers love.”

To learn more about how Value Flex can help you move forward with your upcoming long-distance move – or to see other long-distance moving options offered by JACKSONVILLE ELITE MOVERS

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