Jacksonville Elite Movers a local moving company in the city of Jacksonville Florida. Has release a new moving deal on Experience. When customer purchase this new moving deal they will receive a 50% discount. Off the first 2 hours of moving services.

Jacksonville Elite Movers a local moving company in the city of Jacksonville Florida. Has released their new moving deal on Experience they have stated this is an effort to make up for ending. They daily deal and business relationship with Groupon Inc in Nov. of 2016. And many Groupon customers were upset to see them go with selling over 50 vouchers in 2 months. With there time with Groupon the local manager stated ”Groupon Inc. was not honest with us. And that’s why we had to end of business deal with them. we still love serving the Jacksonville city customers. But lucky customers were still able to find there deal on living social.

Moving Deal
Jacksonville Elite Movers

How To Find Jacksonville Elite Movers Moving Deal

They have stated they no longer wanted to do business with them. But they have open they services to Experience customers. They stated they will continue to do business with living social. And will run there deals on there website for they customers.

Jacksonville Elite Movers is a proven moving company and is considered one of the best. And most affordable moving companies in the Jacksonville city as well of surrounding cities. They have also built a very strong online reputation in the moving industry. With ton of review that can be found on any website. Just by typing in there name on any search engine. And from real verified customers on thumbtack as well as Facebook.

Customers will find there new moving deal for 50% off there normal price and by going to Experience. To by the moving deal they will receive two men and one truck. As well as two hours of moving services for only $99.00 and they will now be accepting same day appointments. But only for Experience customers living social customers will still have to schedule. There appointment in at least 48 hours in advanced.

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