About Us

Jacksonville Elite Movers is an American moving company founded in 2013 as a moving and storage organization owned by Florida State Moving & Storage Corporation on the east coast of the United States, to help with organizing return loads and minimizing dead-heading . In 2015 it was recognized by Thumbtack Inc. as the best moving company in Jacksonville, Florida. In 2015 it was acquired by Roovet Corporation and labeled as the Division of Jacksonville Elite Movers. The company served as the moving company of Roovet International Corporation and not considered to be a stand alone company itself. In late 2015 the company was re-named as Jacksonville Elite Movers and was now considered to be its own company. Originally Jacksonville Elite Movers did not have there own trucks, In fact Roovet Corporation was a authorized U-Haul dealer which provided easy access to any size truck needed at any giving time.

Originally Jacksonville Elite Movers address was located at 9951 Atlantic Blvd, Suite 124 Jacksonville, FL 32225. In 2016 they moved there operations to a 24 hr. convenience store named Savannah’s after the owner Tony James Nelson II daughter. Located at 7213 Atlantic Blvd, Jacksonville, FL 32211. This severed as there headquarters for 2 years and also a store and authorized U-Haul dealer location as well. In early 2018 the company was moved again along with the store to 6299 Powers Ave. , Jacksonville, FL 32217 , This store was renamed Bryana’s Food Mart after Tony James Nelson II older daughter. As of now they are headquartered at Roovet Local & International Corporation Headquarters located at 10737 New Kings Rd, Suite 102 Jacksonville, FL 32219. During the time of changing locations they have never lost any business and remained the most affordable moving company in the state of Florida.